5 ways to keep your confidence Lakeside

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Wearing swimwear can make even the most confident person a little skittish and not want to come out of the water but we have some great tips that will make you feel confident and comfortable.

1. Find a great sunless tanner: Putting on an effective sunless tanner is a little like air brushing your skin and will totally help hide a few of the imperfections that drive you crazy.

2. Slather on the sunscreen if you want to avoid having more skin imperfections in the future sunscreen is going to be your best friend.  There is nothing attractive about red, irritated or peeling skin.

3. Find a fabulous swimsuit cover that makes you feel like a million bucks. You don't have to run around the whole time in just your suit, a cover can make you feel more comfortable while you "ease in" to the whole nearly naked in public thing. 

4. Add accessories, now I have seen on daytime talk shows where they accessorize with necklaces and high heels (but that is ridiculous and NOT real life unless you are going to a party) but a great pair of sunglasses, a nice floppy beach hat, a great pair of flat sandals (come on we are walking on sand/grass here). Can make you feel a lot more dressed, and that usually gives us all a confidence boost.

5. And the single most important tip: Make sure you swim suit fits and is not to small. You do not want anything cutting off circulation and creating bumps and lumps where you do not naturally have them.


Happy Lakeside hanging everyone!


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