3 Ways to wear it: Black Spring Knits

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If you have eyes in your head, you have probably seen that Black & White for Spring is huge this year.  I for one, LOVE black & white so I am a little biased on the whole thing.  Honestly though, how can you get any better? Crisp, clean color contrast that all can be pulled together effortlessly. It usually reminds me of classic beauties from throughout time.  To me dressing is simple.  If you put good pieces together and dress with a classic style, and your own personality in mind you will make it look effortless too.


In this first pic I am wearing the fine gauge spring knit dolman top with my old (seriously should be replaced) white boyfriend jeans.  This is one of my favorite types of outfits for running around town. I can go shopping, out to eat (nicer restaurants loose the holes), go down to the beach super comfy and because they are so light weight very cool.



I know a lot of people were thinking: "What pants! NO WAY!" So I decided to be brave and show off my white white legs. Sorry... :)  Here the same fine gauge black dolman is paired with a pair of white shorts, and a pair of coral sandals. Comfy and easy. I am sorry to say that it actually does not get any easier than black and white.



Now for the final look I wanted to show you what it with look like with tailored white trousers for work. But alas, I do not have any in my closet at the moment. So I am showing you what a long necklace would look like and asking you to imagine the trousers. 


I am telling you after wearing this sweater to take these pictures that one is absolutely coming home with me. SERIOUSLY like tonight :) This is a look EVERYONE can wear.  I have 2 kids, if I can wear white pants and shorts without ruining it so can you! A little bleach helps every once in awhile!


Plus: This spring sweater would look great with denim if you really desperately can't wear white.





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  • Amber on

    I bought this black dolman sweater and absolutely love it. It is so comfortable and now I just need to track down some white pants.

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