When you have worn it seven thousand times. February 26, 2014 16:57

This winter I have had a black sweater that I have loved.  It has been the first thing I have worn practically every time it has been clean. But this morning, I sighed... I feel like I have worn it 7,000 times.  I didn't want to wear it.  But we all know that sometimes you have to push those basic items to that seven thousand and one mark.  I knew holding it up that I normally wear it with a certain scarf.  I had fallen into a comfort zone with it this winter. Black Sweater, black and grey scarf, how BORING.  At the beginning of the year it was sleek and streamlined but COME ON how do you not get bored with just black and grey.

But... It is still warm, it is still comfy and it looks cute.  Soooooo, we reach for the accessories in the closet.  I choose a pair of earrings I have not worn in forever, and a different scarf. I know, I know, there is nothing earth shattering about this, but it made me feel less grumpy putting it on. Because even though, I have had all 3 of the item, I had never worn them together in that way so it made the push to seven thousand and one. 

So the final thought:  Just because you have never worn it together doesn't mean it shouldn't go together.  Make sure you shake yourself out of your comfort zone "outfits" sometimes you just have to pair things differently and you have a whole new look for the day. Plus, next week when it is finally warmer, I will wear my black sweater with a skirt :)


But P.S. I am really excited about the new Women's Clothing at Boots & Heels! I am going to start working Spring stuff in with my winter stuff to feel less blah. :D