Getting Ready for Spring

Spring is getting so close to being sprung.  This week it is finally going to pull out of the arctic and become above zero for all of us in North Dakota.  I am going to do some serious cart wheels down the street when it does!  All of this cold weather is depressing and for retailers... Well... Just downright more so. ;)


But with Spring coming it definitely means we will soon be pulling out our Spring/Summer wardrobes and figuring out what we have, what we need, and what we want.  So make sure you take some time to examine your wardrobe.   We of course need to use our closet organizing piles for this: Toss, Good Will, Repair, Cherish and Keep.


Toss Pile:  Is that great top more worn out than you remember? Sorry it is toss it time (or rag bin/craft bin if that floats your boat). Sandals look like they may in fact give you the plague. TOSS that before it become bubonic. 


Good Will: If it didn't fit you last year and nothing has changed just get rid of it already.  There is no sense looking at it year after year and feeling bad about yourself.  Poor fitting clothing takes up valuable closet space, looks not at all appealing on and frankly, we all know you can do better.  So give it to Good Will and your to tiny/big mistake can be someone else perfection.


Repair: Do those great pants have a seam that seems like it could use a little fix? Put them in the repair pile and GET THIS... Go repair it.  Do it yourself, take it to the friendly dry cleaner or a seamstress/tailor.  If you are in Devils Lake call me, I can certainly give you some suggestions. 


Cherish: This pile always seems to build up on us.  But if you haven't gotten that prom dress, wedding dress or baptismal gown out of your closet you need to.  If you love it and it has good memories, keep it.  

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