Outfits we are LOVING: Garden Party

Outfits we are LOVING: Garden Party
We are loving this fun, bright easy to wear for a day of casual shopping or just even to work in a casual dress environment. 
The top and cardigan are from Downeast which as most of you know if one of our favorite brands. They can easily be worn with each other or with many of the other pieces that are in your closet.
The pants are from Kut from the Kloth and a great example of a fun cuffed pant that really shoes off your amazing shoes. Don't be afraid to wear white. They are such an easy summer staple because they go with everything.
These wedges are from Clarks and are AMAZING you could nearly run a half marathon in them... Not that we think you should try ;)
Purse is by Hi Di Hi and are imported. Boots & Heels only gets 2 shipments of them a year and in very limited quanities so you know for sure you won't run into your purse when you are at the grocery store.
Find out more here:
Purse - Find instore

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