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Pretty layers
 Feel pretty in layers. Lets face it, this time of the year, in our weather we need to be able to layer on the warmth and if needed, get rid of them.  This outfit features a colored denim chambray top layered under a spring knit sweater, mint skinny jeans and a delicious walnuty wedge. 
This stripped sweater is a great spring weight knit that can easily be layered over or under many of the items already in your closet.  The pic below featuring this sweater under a navy blazer. 
Another way to wear a striped sweater
 You also may remember this "Outfits we are loving" that featured the mint skinnies. :) These colored denim pants are a great option if you want to bring a little bit of color in, but feel "clownish" or that you are trying to do to much color.  For a more subdued look pair them with navy, grey or black. But for a really fun color contrast pair them with a great coral.  
Another way to wear mint pants
The walnuty goodness of these shoes can be fantastic for a "what do I wear with this outfit that I can't wear black with" type day. They are also a comfortable slope so you won't feel like you are teeter tottering.
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