Warm Weather Basics Explained

Warm weather basics

We all need basics in our closets. Basics can be beautiful things. They have the ability to transform key pieces of your wardrobe into heroes that you can wear time and time again.

Pictured above for INSPIRATION for you are examples of a few.
1. Denim Jacket - Not matter which color you choose a denim jacket will be the extra layer go-to for topping off all of your tanks and dresses.
2. Little black dress (Summer weight)- Important in your wardrobe because they can be dressed up or down by changing out the shoes and accessories. You can wear a black dress with a dangly earring and a strappy heeled sandal and go to a wedding; Wear it with flip flops and throw it on over your swim suit for margaritas on the beach; Or wear it with a denim jacket and cute shoes and go shopping.
3. Color Pop bag - This is where you can get creative. Find a colorful purse that makes you feel happy. I like mints and corals this time of the year simply because they coordinate with so many other colors (Mints, corals, black, white, navy)
4. Comfy wedges - If you find the right pair of shoes you can wear them almost anywhere life takes you. Be warned in shoes you generally get what you pay for, but there are certainly some wallet friendly options out there.
5. Great denim pants - Warm weather denim can be a lot more distressed than the dressier dark wash denim we tend to wear in the winter. In the warmer months, play with it and have fun by finding a wash that is a little out of your comfort zone.

Find some great warm weather basic option on our [website](http://www.bootsandheelsshop.com) or by visiting us at our Devils Lake store at 419 4th Ave NE.

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