Shoe & Clothing Boutique located in Devils Lake & Fargo North Dakota – Boots & Heels

Thanks for Finding Boots & Heels online!

We are glad you found our web site for cute women's clothing and great shoes. We like to say we build outfits from the shoes up. We do our best to gear our stores toward women like you, who want to have a wardrobe that can go where ever you do. Take us to Work, Take us out on weekends and even take us on that date to bake cookies. 

You can shop with us in Fargo & Devils Lake, ND. We are a proud company that is built for women and frankly... MOMS my youngest child was only 2 years old when we opened the first Boots & Heels in Devils Lake. So I get it. You need wearable, washable, comfortable, and CUTE wardrobe pieces. Come find some retail therapy with us, and feel free to peek around. Our blog features tips, tricks and even a couple of our favorite recipes. 

-Amber & The Boots & Heels Team